'We love you Lindsay!': Cheers for star as she arrives at jail – and she'll serve just 14 days

hellomagazine.com Though she arrived in tears, Lindsay Lohan managed a smile after inmates cheered her crying out: "We love you," after she entered through a side entrance at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California.

A prisoner who was released the day the Hollywood star arrived said: "Lindsay was crying when she came in. She was handcuffed but seemed calm. We all started saying 'God bless you Lindsay' and saying 'Hi' to her and then she smiled at us."

Fellow prisoners were confined to their cells for an hour when the actress arrived. She was strip searched before changing into a standard issue orange jumpsuit to have her picture taken.

Afterwards she was led to her cell in the 2,200-bed facility's special needs unit, where – for her own safety – she will be confined to her cell 23 hours a day.

Also in the unit is E Entertainment star Alexis Neiers, who is serving time for being convicted of burgling Orlando Bloom's house.

Good news for Lindsay is that she'll only serve 14 days of her 90 day sentence, as long as she behaves well. A spokesman for the sheriff's office said she had been scheduled to be released on August 1 or 2 for overcrowding issues and good behaviour.

On her first night in prison, Lindsay ate spaghetti with meat sauce and brocolli. Although confined to her cell she will be able to watch TV though the window of the door. According to a former immate, residents are shown gameshows, sitcoms and news programmes.

Access to the internet and cell phones is strictly forbidden, so she will have no way of reading the supportive messages that have been appearing on Twitter for her.

The 24-year-old actress' Machete co-star Electra Avellan tweeted: "Please all of @lindsayLohan's fans, let's support our girl. Send great vibes, love and light. She counts on us for strength. We love you LL."

Lindsay's photographer friend Tyler Shields also stuck up for her pal. "I have seen her life first hand. Judge all you want but none of us understand what its like to be her. Positive thoughts!"

The Mean Girls star spent about 84 minutes in the Lynwood prison in 2007 for a drunken driving conviction.

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