Naughty Maddox: Supermum Angelina steps in to mediate brotherly airport dispute It had all been going so well.

The four children were all in a line, holding hands and in a sunny mood.

But then from out of nowhere a spat arose, meaning that Angelina Jolie was faced with one of those situations that parents dread while on the move with little ones.

Eight-year-old Maddox - the eldest of her and Brad Pitt's kids - apparently decided to torment his brother Pax, six, by grabbing hold of his face as the family touched down in Japan.

Being something of a travel veteran, the actress quickly moved to calm the situation with a stern word towards the giggling offender.

And as is the way with youngsters everyone was soon friends again.

Not even the inevitable presence of fans and cameramen in Tokyo's Narita International Airport led her to lose her cool.

Underlining the 'Supermum' effect - the 35-year-old was chic in a simple black shift and tan flip flops.

Just a few hours before the screen icon was looking even more stylish as she promoted spy thriller Salt in Moscow, wearing a sensational scarlet creation that showed off her svelte figure.

Brad has often told how Angelina, with whom he has three adopted and three natural children, manages their globetrotting lifestyle.

She is apparently "militant" when it comes to scheduling and keeping tabs on her kids' favourite belongings.

In turn, she has praised him as "extraordinary partner" for supporting her projects.

And proving her point, the Benjamin Button actor was, no doubt, at home holding the fort with the remaining two of the bunch, twins Knox and Vivienne.

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