The Hoff shows daughters around his beloved Berlin

A flashback to the city's past; David poses in front of the Brandenburg Gate with an 'East German soldier' 

David Hasselhoff was full of enthusiasm as he returned to the scene of what he believes was his finest hour.

Accompanied by his daughters Taylor-Ann and Hayley Amber, the Knight Rider touched down in Berlin, where he has a huge following.

Hardly able to move for well-wishers, the trio viewed the famous Brandenburg Gate and took pictures at Checkpoint Charlie – the original crossing point from East to West Germany.

His huge popularity in the reunited country is party due to his role in healing historical divisions.

In November 1989 just weeks after the fall of the Wall that divided the city for four decades, the American actor and singer united the two parts of Germany in song.

He played a concert amid the ruins, leading several hundreds and thousands of voices in belting out his tune Looking for Freedom.

Number one for many weeks in Germany during that memorable year the song contains the lyrics: "I've been lookin' for freedom; I've been lookin' so long; I've been lookin' for freedom; still the search goes on".

This week, with their father, on hand, his girls had a very knowledgeable guide about those feverish times.