HELLO! Exclusive: Martine McCutcheon and Jack MacManus reveal baby plans

Martine McCutcheon and her boyfriend of three-and-a-half years, Jack MacManus have spoken exclusively to HELLO! magazine about their relationship and plans for the future.

"Jack and I definitely want a family of our own eventually," Martine told HELLO! magazine. "Jack would do it sooner than me if he had his way."

Singer-songwriter Jack, who has toured with stars including John Mayer and Scouting for Girls, agrees: "I'm really into the idea. It would be amazing and I know Martine would be such a wonderful mother."

The former EastEnders actress said that they are planning to wait a couple of years, as both have exciting work projects ahead. "Then again, if not and it happens sooner – well, I’d be over the moon," said Martine.

And what about marriage? "It's certainly something we wouldn’t rule out," Martine told HELLO!. "But there is nothing planned at the moment."

At 26, Jack is eight years Martine's junior. The actress said she was shocked when she first learned of Jack's age, but now the difference doesn't bother her.

"My mum's with someone 11 years younger than her and she said, 'Look, sometimes you've just got to go with what's right in your heart and what's on paper often doesn't end up adding up anyway."

Martine was previously engaged to DJ Garth Cooke and her former boyfriends include actor Paul Nicholls and property developer James Tanner. She admits that she had tried to keep her relationship with Jack relatively quiet at first, as he was trying to establish his own singing career and audience. "I didn’t want Jack to have the responsibility of my label and who I am," she said.

"It got to the point where I was going out of my way to avoid talking about Jack or would go to as few public events as possible with him and people started to read that as meaning that we weren't that serious," she told HELLO!. "I felt the time had come to set the record straight, that yes, we are together, we are in love and we are really, really happy."

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