Fearne overcame her shock over Jesse's marriage to give him another chance

They've broken up twice before during which time Jesse married a model in Las Vegas. But this time the couple believe it's for keeps after the skateboarder proposed 

When Fearne Cotton's American skateboarder boyfriend Jesse Jenkins popped the question on her birthday his proposal warmed the hearts of romantics everywhere.

But the path to love has been a more complicated than most for the Radio 1 presenter.

The couple met four years ago, but have broken up twice - once in 2008 and another time in 2009.

During the first time they were apart, the 29-year-old presenter had a relationship with T4 host Steve Jones.

Meanwhile, skateboarding ace Jesse married an English model in a Las Vegas chapel – only for the newlyweds to split up just 11 days afterwards.

The marriage between Jesse, now 24, and model Hannah Ware was eventually annulled in February 2009

"Fearne was completely taken by surprise and was pretty thrown by the whole thing," a friend told the Daily Mail.

"He got married soon after they split up, so perhaps he was on the rebound.

"Basically the marriage was a mistake and from what I know, he and Hannah both realised quickly".

Fearne's agent confirmed at the weekend that she knew about her fiancée's short-lived union.

Her agent said she was "aware of the marriage".