An emotional Catherine talks of Michael's strength and dignity in face of cancer

Being warmly welcomed back to her home turf clearly struck something of an emotional chord with Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The stunning actress - who was in Wales to welcome the Ryder cup teams ahead of the tournament - fought back tears as she spoke of her husband during an official event.

Addressing a 13,000-strong crowd at the Welcome to Wales concert at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium, she said Michael Douglas was "holding up very, very well."



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Catherine's voice cracked as she recounted how 66-year-old Michael is responding positively to chemotherapy for throat cancer.

"Everyone couldn’t be happier with his progress. He's holding up with great strength and dignity," said the 40-year-old beauty.

Michael – an avid golf fan - had originally planned to travel to Cardiff with his wife and watch the Americans take on the Europeans.


Instead he stayed in the US with the couple's children Carys and Dylan to complete his treatment.

"Michael will be glued to anything that has a golf ball and a club, especially the Ryder Cup. Usually I would be watching it with him," said Traffic star Catherine. "He would be representing the American team and I would be wholeheartedly representing the European team, but not this year, maybe next time."

Despite the absence of her husband, the Swansea-born star was clearly delighted to be back in Wales for the bash – during which she met Welsh soprano Katherine Jenkins for the first time.

And she was especially pleased with the weather, she said.

"I was so happy when I flew in that it wasn't raining. It's the first time in 20 years I've crossed the Severn Bridge and the heavens haven't opened. I think it's a good omen."

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