Bruce Willis is Helen Mirren's knight in shining armour on sodden red carpet

Helen Mirren is used to having men go weak at the knees. And when she looks this fabulous it's no wonder.

Earlier in the month it was Russell Brand – who said working with her was "a sex education". And of course there's no forgetting the Oscars incident, when Daniel Day-Lewis was 'knighted' by her.

And this time around it was Bruce Willis, who stooped at her feet when she realised she'd lost an earring.


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Retrieving it from the sodden red carpet in London, he saved her from getting her glam red and black gown any wetter than it already was.

The pair were together to launch their new joint project Red, in which they play ex CIA operatives, coded RED or Retired and Extremely Dangerous.

Out in Britain this weekend, it also stars Morgan Freeman.

Helen said working with the pair had been a riot.


"It was great fun this film. I had fun anyway. I absolutely loved every minute of it," she said.

"Yes, you always learn from great movie stars, I have to say. There’s no accident why they’re great movie stars and Bruce is a great movie star."

The two appeared to have bonded while making the film – with Helen at one point resting her head affectionately on his shoulder.

Accompanying Bruce to the British unveiling was his real life leading lady, Emma Heming.

And the 55-year-old actor made sure his wife didn't feel left out, showering her with attention and kisses on the red carpet.