HELLO! exclusive: Russell Watson tells how he has found love again

Opera singer Russell Watson shows off his stunning new girlfriend in HELLO! this week.

Russell, who turns 44 on November 24 and who has twice fought off life-threatening brain tumours, says that 21-year-old Louise Harris "keeps him calm".

“Because of my illness I have to avoid stress, and my relationship with Louise is so calm. We have niggles but it quickly washes over and it’s forgotten. I love her to bits,” he said.

And he reveals that, although initially concerned, he now has no worries about the 22-year age gap between them.

"I wasn’t sure we’d have much in common, but we’re actually really similar," he said. "We share the same sense of humour.

"I’ve been in relationships before where people have tried to keep me down, as if to make sure I don’t get above myself. Louise makes me feel I can achieve anything.”

The couple also talk about their fears over introducing Louise to Russell’s daughters Rebecca, 16, and nine-year-old Hannah from his marriage to first wife Helen.

“I was very worried about introducing the girls to Louise, because it was such a key moment in our relationship. They first met her about three months after we started dating. I’d just started to have real feelings for Louise. I thought, ‘If they don’t gel with her, what do I do?’

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