'Was that posh or plush, Robert?': Queen Latifah pokes fun at 'Twilight' crew

Sitting in the VIP section at the People's Choice Awards didn't provide them any refuge from Queen Latifah's sharp wit.

The Twilight posse were subjected to a series of quips by the cheeky compere.

When Robert Pattinson described the private plane that jetted them to the show from their movie set as "posh", the rap queen asked him was that "posh or plush?" – before launching into a hilarious cockney imitation of his accent.

On a night that saw Katy Perry receive two gongs, Latifah also made fun of the improbable plot twists, involving Kristen Stewart's character Bella, in the vampire saga.

To laughter from the audience, she joked: "You fell in love with a vampire. You got involved with a werewolf.

"Do you think you might start dating a zombie next?"