'She had a good cry': Michael reveals Catherine's tears after hearing good news

Michael and Catherine: A lasting love

Michael Douglas has revealed his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones broke down in tears after learning his tumour has disappeared.

"She had a good cry when she heard,' the Oscar-winner told US magazine People.


His reaction was considerably more measured however: "I can't tell you I was jumping up and clicking my heels.

"For me, it will probably be two or three months before it will really sink in and feel good."

Catherine added: "We are so grateful for the wonderful care Michael has received and of course for this happy news.

"It's an incredible way to start the New Year."

Michael and his wife were spotted out in New York this week after he revealed he thinks he has beaten throat cancer.

They celebrated with their children Carys and Dylan at their favourite Big Apple restaurant last week.

"We dined on oysters and toasted with Shirley Temples," said Michael, referring to the non-alcoholic cocktail.

In addition, the Wall Street star marked the occasion by having his first alcoholic drink in over six months.

"He also indulged in a glass of wine, his first since his diagnosis in August," said Catherine.

Michael has said in the past that he feels a lifetime of drinking and smoking are to blame for the onset of cancer.

But he also says streess and his diet may have played a role, and says he will now be "eating much more of an organic diet".