'He's our little ray of sunshine": Introducing Miranda and Orlando's little angel

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Cradling her newborn baby to her breast, Miranda Kerr has never looked more radiant.

The model mum showed off her "beautiful son Flynn" in an intimate snap on her organic skincare website taken by her husband Orlando Bloom.

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In it, she is breastfeeding the little boy, who was born in LA on January 6.

"We are so happy and are enjoying our time together as a family," wrote the 27-year-old.

"He is our little ray of sunshine," added the proud mum.

She revealed she didn't use pain relief for what turned out to be a "long arduous and difficult labour".

"He weighed 9lb 12 ounces (a very healthy and big baby boy)," Miranda added. "I gave birth to him naturally."

Her parents Therese and John flew in from Australia for the birth, in which her husband played a key role.


"Orlando was with me the whole time supporting and guiding me through it," she revealed. "I could not have done it without him."

The Pirates of the Caribbean star has put his bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills up for rent as he searches to find a more suitable home for his new family.

He met Miranda not long after he bought it in 2007 for $2.75 million.

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