Hello Scotland: David Hasselhoff causes a frenzy in Glasgow

You would have thought nothing could create the same impact as those red Baywatch shorts.

But David Hasselhoff cut an impressive figure, dressed in 'Flower of Scotland' tartan, for the Britain's Got Talent auditions.

Strutting his stuff in a kilt and hurling signed photos of himself into the crowd when the show went to Glasgow, the entertainer clearly thought he looked great.

And the fans agreed, giving him an ecstatic welcome.

David originally wanted to just hire the outfit, but he liked it so much he decided to buy it.

During his exuberant display, the Hollywood showman even decided to tease those wondering if he was wearing it the traditional way.

Asked if he was enjoying being in Scotland, the 58-year-old gave an enthusiastic response.

He lifted up the front of his kilt, crying: "I just love it so much that it is blowing up my skirt".

Those down the front later reported that he was wearing a pair of bright blue lifeguard's Speedos - referencing his most famous role. Others swore he had on a jockstrap.

With his high energy entrance, The Hoff put his more reserved fellow judges, Amanda Holden - who is six months pregnant - and Michael McIntyre, in the shade as they arrived to search for the next Susan Boyle.