Bedtime stories and junior football kit: Elton's new life as a parent

Elton John's latest musical project is a special collaboration with his partner David Furnish.

The duo – who made their relationship official in 2005 – have been organising tunes for their six-week-old baby Zachary.

“We’ve been putting music on his iPod and he now has Chopin, Mozart, Carole King, the Carpenters, James Taylor, me, Linda Ronstadt and even Led Zeppelin lullabies," the pop star told the Daily Telegraph.

The new dad is also keen to inform his son's football allegiances.

"If he chooses Chelsea, I'm going to kill him," joked the pop star in an interview with the Daily Telegraph.

In fact, Zachary – who was born to a surrogate mother in LA on Christmas Day – already has his own Watford strip waiting for him at home in London.

And the proud dad says he's already looking forward to taking him to matches later on.

The singer is determined Zachary will have the kind of upbringing he never had. "Growing up in the early Fifties I didn't get the tactile love from my father that I will give to my child. I'll be a very loving parent.

For the moment, father and son bonding revolves around nappy changing and bedtime.

Elton and David (pictured above with one of their ten godchildren) take it in turns to read their baby a story.

"Last night it was The Best Nest and the night before it was Dogs Don't Wear Sneakers – and 6.30pm is now a sacrosanct time in my life because I spend it solely with my son before he goes to bed".