Dragons' Den's Peter Jones on why his kids think he's cool

There are numerous upsides to having a famous multi-millionaire dad, but Dragons' Den star Peter Jones knows what impresses his kids most about his celebrity status - his cool celebrity mates.

Opening the doors of his magnificent family home for the first time in this week’s HELLO!, the 44-year-old entrepreneur and father of five, who’s estimated to be worth in excess of £200 million, tells the magazine: “I’m mates with Dizzee Rascal and JLS, which the kids are pleased about. And I’m very good friends with James Cordon. He calls me Big Dog and I call him Little Dog!”


The two are so close, in fact, that Peter reveals that the baby BRITs host James is expecting with his TV producer fiancée Julia Carey was actually conceived in his bed!

“James and Jules conceived their baby in my bed in LA,” confirms Peter, who has seven homes all over the world, but says he feels most comfortable at the 1920s farmhouse, set in 220 acres of Buckinghamshire countryside, where he’s photographed with his long term partner Tara Capp, 35.

“I’ve told them that if they have a girl, she’s got to be called Hilly, as in Beverly Hills, or Petra! If it’s a boy, well, obviously Peter!” says the 6’7” businessman, who’s father to Annabel, 17 and William, 15, from his first marriage and Natalia, nine, Isabella, five and Tallulah, four, with Tara.

The tough talking dragon, who started his first business at the age of 16, admits he’s ferociously competitive, even when it comes to his children.

“I never let them beat me, even at Monopoly!” he reveals. “If I’m playing tennis with William, we’ll play for a while and I won’t just whack the ball at him, I’ll make sure I don’t lose!

“I want the kids to know that if they’ve won something, it’s been fair and square that they’ve finally managed to beat dad.”