Proud Celine Dion shares her babies' morning routine with the cameras

Descending the staircase of her home in her pyjamas, without a scrap of makeup and one of her adorable twins tucked under an arm, Celine Dion could not look more like a normal mother.

Albeit, the Florida mansion the Quebec-born Titanic star shares with husband Rene Angelil is far larger than your average family house.

But in the footage video footage, taken for Oprah Winfrey's chat show, the atmosphere seems to be one that is recognisable to any new mother.

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There is pride, warmth, and the feeling that the longed-for babies – they were the result of a gruelling IVF process – are the kings of the household.

And the contented mum –– who also has a ten-year-old son Rene-Charles, –– readily admits to being fortunate enough to have "a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of help".

Explaining that she doesn't have a lot of "me time", Celine is seen tending to babies, Nelson and Eddy, cooing to them sweetly in French, cuddling them and changing their nappies.


And at one point the star points out that she's still in her PJs and jokes "hopefully I'll change for Oprah, hopefully I'll have a dress on, some makeup and a hairdo".

The fact that the twins' big brother, nicknamed RC, is so much older makes things easier.

But, says, the supermum, who got an ecstatic welcome when she wrapped up her maternity leave to begin another three-year residency in Las Vegas, "If I'd had a three-year-old on my leg (sic) and two more in my arms I wouldn't have been complaining".