Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie back in Namibia for new wildlife mission

Smiling warmly, surrounded by charity workers, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are clearly in welcoming surroundings.

This picture was taken in one of the countries where they feel most at home - Namibia.

It was there that in May 2006, the Hollywood super couple welcomed their daughter Shiloh – just like with her other children, Angelina has the coordinates of her daughter's birth place tattooed on her arm.

And they have subsequently returned to the southern African country on a number of occasions.

Now, Angelina and Brad have gone one step further in their pledge to help the people and wildlife of Namibia.

Through the Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Foundation – created in 2006 – they have teamed up with the N/a'an ku se Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary to help develop long term projects.

In particular they will focus on conservation for carnivores and supporting vulnerable people in the area.

Angelina first became involved with N/a'an ku se – established by Rudie and Marlice van Vuuren in 2007 - in 2003 after working with co-founder Marlice on a film set.

They formed a close bond, and since then Angelina, Brad and their children have made several visits to the sanctuary.

The Jolie-Pitts spent last Christmas together at N/a'an ku se, where they helped feed and care for baby baboons and foxes, visited a San Bushman School and witnessed the release of a leopard back into the wild.

Speaking of the new partnership, Angelina said: "We have known Rudie and Marlice for many years and continue to be impressed by their hard work and dedication to the people and conservation of the land and wildlife of Namibia.

"The new section of the project will be under N/a'an ku se and in Shiloh's name. We want her to be very involved and grow up with the understanding of the country of her birth."