Elizabeth Taylor: Richard's last love letter buried with the Hollywood goddess

Tinseltown's most passionate love story

She kept his precious words safely tucked away on the night stand besides her bed until the end of her days.

And it seems that one of Elizabeth Taylor's last requests was to be buried with the final letter ever written to her by Richard Burton before his sudden death in 1984.

Though 40 of his missives to her were published in her biography, the violet-eyed screen beauty never revealed the full contents of the final one.

She would only tell her biographers Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger: "He told [me] what he wanted. Home was where Elizabeth was, and he wanted to come home."

The revelation that the letter is buried with her will re-ignite the debate on who was the true love of her life.

Certainly their tempestuous relationship with its tears, tantrums, gargantuan drinking bouts and fabulous jewels became the stuff of legend.

And when asked whether the Welsh actor was her favourite lover, she quipped with a flash of her trademark humour: "Let's put it this way - he's the only one I married twice."

But for all the passion, they didn't stay together and he went on to marry two more times - to English divorcée Susan Hunt and finally to Sally Hay, a make up artist. 

For some fans, however, pictures of her distraught face following the death of her beloved third husband film, producer Michael Todd, tell the real story.

He was one of the few men with enough charisma and force of character to keep her in line and she was inconsolable when he was killed in a crash aboard the private plane he had named the Lucky Liz.