Elizabeth Hurley bowled over by Shane Warne at her 'first cricket game'

Her excitement was palpable as she cheered and applauded with nine-year-old son Damian from the stands.

And Elizabeth Hurley's beaming face was a clear indicator her relationship with Shane Warne is back on.



The 45-year-old flew to India last week to support the 41-year-old cricketer as he played with the Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League.

And perhaps surprisingly, the match was the first the brunette beauty's ever watched.

She wrote on Twitter: "Just watched my first cricket game & couldn't have enjoyed it more. Except of course, if we'd won. Next time. Inshallah!"

The event was the first time that Shane has been pictured with both Elizabeth and Damian, suggesting that the relationship is getting more serious.


Love blossomed after the pair met last summer. Then in December they were spotted having an intimate rendezvous.

The romance hit a tricky patch around Valentine's Day, though, over reports linking him to other women, with the glamorous mum tweeting about love being like a rollercoaster ride.

But all that seemed forgotten when Elizabeth dined with the sportsman in Los Angeles a few weeks ago.