From 'Apprentice' to mentor: Kate Walsh tells contestants to keep their cool

Kate Walsh has warned contestants in this year's Apprentice to "keep their integrity intact".

The former contestant, who lost out in the final in 2009 to Yasmina Siadatan but has since carved out a showbiz career, said hopefuls needed to keep their cool to go far in the competition.

"My advice for the new candidates would be to try to stay away from the conflicts," she explained.


"People will push your buttons, it's part of some people's game plan that they want to unnerve you and stress you out, but just try and keep your integrity intact. I think that's what enabled me to get as far I did."

And if the 16 hopefuls in this year's series, which starts on May 10, fail to keep their cool, Kate says they can't blame it on the programme-makers.

"The fact is that you're only seeing a snapshot of what is a very long day or two, or even three depending on the task, and obviously that's got to be edited down to an hour's TV.

"I had certain weeks myself where I'd sold really well or I'd done a good presentation, and I used to look forward to seeing it. I'd sit down and watch it and I'd barely feature in the programme because it didn't make interesting television."