Second doctor says Michael Jackson 'begged' him for drugs

After weeks of testimony from the prosecution, Dr Conrad Murray's defence team have produced a new witness who revealed that Michael Jackson also asked him for medicine to cure insomnia.

Dr Allan Metzger, who treated Michael for over two decades, said he refused the singer's request for an intravenous anaesthetic just two months before his death.

He told the star it would be dangerous to administer anaesthetic outside the safe confines of a hospital.

"He asked me about intravenous sleep medicines. He used the word 'juice,'" People magazine reported.




"I don’t think he mentioned the word of a specific sleep medication."

Holistic nurse practitioner, Cherilyn Lee, also gave her testimony, and added that Michael refused her suggestions to undergo a sleep study to cure his insomnia.

The revelations come as Dr Murray's defence team try to paint the late singer as the architect of his own death, and who tried to cure his insomnia with intravenous drugs he knew were dangerous.


They want to counter previous testimony which cast the medic as an opportunist who broke legal, ethical and professional guidelines to satisfy a patient who was paying him $150,000 a month.

Dr Murray’s lawyers have said they will call 15 witnesses during their time in the courtroom. 

It's not yet clear yet clear whether they will call Conrad Murray to the stand himself.

If convicted of involuntary manslaughter, the cardiologist could spend up to four years in jail and lose his medical license.