Meryl Streep: The many faces of a screen chameleon

No one inhabits a character so completely as Meryl Streep.

For her latest transformation, the 62-year-old actress – who has been nominated for a record 16 Oscars – has adopted the aura and handbag of Margaret Thatcher.

And an early look at the footage suggests she has the Baroness down to a T.



But in her career, the two-time Academy Award winner, has variously been Danish, Australian and Polish. 

From the ruthless magazine editor of The Devil Wears Prada and a mother wrongly accused of murdering her baby in Cry in the Dark to the ditzy hotel owner in Mamma Mia! no transformation is too much for her.

Speaking recently to the Daily Telegraph the 62-year-old gave a hint about how she works her magic.

"I feel defensive about every character I play and I defend them as if they’re my own," explained the actress. "Because for the time I embody them, they feel like me".

It's an approach co-star Emily Blunt has seen in action.

"When we were doing The Devil Wears Prada she definitely adopted a certain cool on set, sort of remained very much in this reserved territory," she said.

"And then when my husband John (Krasinski) worked with her, she was playing a very vivacious, gregarious character, so she was just a ball of fun."