Robin Gibb 'laughing and joking' after coming around to sound of his own music

Bee Gees star Robin Gibb continues to make great steps on the road to his miraculous recovery in hospital. 

His delighted wife Dwina revealed that the singer is "really happy", joking with his visitors and wanting to "get out".

Throughout the ordeal the singer's son Robin-John, 29, has been vocal about his admiration for his father as an artist and a fighter.



"They gave him an under 10% survival chance and he has beaten the odds... he really is something else." he told ITN.

He's "completely compos mentis now," added RJ.

It has been a fitting recovery for the music legend, who started to come around to the sound of one of his own compositions.

"He woke up while we were playing the track which is a movement from the Titanic Requiem we have just written," Robin-John said.


Doctors feared the worst when Robin contracted pneumonia and slipped into a coma last week.

The singer had already battled back from cancer of the liver and colon, but a suspected recurrence of the tumour caused his latest setback.