David and Brooklyn work up an appetite in 'Hell's Kitchen'

David Beckham and his family are used to exquisite service when they visit LA's top restaurants.

But the football legend and his eldest son Brooklyn had a slightly different dining experience when they made a surprise appearance as celebrity customers on Hell's Kitchen USA.


David and wife Victoria are close to the show’s creator Gordon Ramsay and his lady, Tana.

That friendship won David a spot at the red team's chef table, where Gordon's flustered protege Christina kept the football star waiting for his starters.


Father and son's flatbread pizzas were delayed after staff took two attempts to get them just right.

But the final result was a rounding success, as David and Brooklyn wolfed down the appetisers and main course.

Trainee Christina was clearly star-struck by her A-list client, saying: "He rode in on a rainbow, carried by a unicorn while eating a cupcake. He is a magical creature."