January Jones is flavour of the month as she debuts gritty Western

Dressed in a sleek all-black ensemble, January Jones looked a far cry from her recent on-screen roles. Appearing at the Sundance Film Festival the actress showed off her stylish outfit choice and latest on-trend hair cut to promote her new Western, Sweetwater.

Whilst her Mad Men character Betty Draper is known for immaculately styled hair and 60's dresses, a still from the new movie shows January's character Sarah sporting a dress typical of the Old West, in-keeping with the 19th century setting.  


Thirty-five-year-old January joined her Sweetwater co-stars for their photocall at the Utah-based festival, which enjoys a more relaxed style to others of its kind. By her side was Jason Isaacs, known for his role as Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, who stars as Prophet Josiah in the movie set on the gritty New Mexican plains.

His leading lady goes topless for the first time in the racy movie, but the X-Men actress was undeterred by the task having become a mother to Xander Dane Jones in September 2011.

"I'd just finished nursing," the star revealed. "I think modesty just kind of flies out the window sometimes when you're a mom, and I was like, whatever."

"Also, that scene in particular when I read the script was so ... amusing to me, I couldn't not do it. I've never seen a scene like that in a movie when you think a woman is just swimming in a river and you realise she's using her sexuality to lure these men in and then turns around and blows them away. And that's pretty awesome.

"There were certain times in my career where I felt, 'I don’t really need to do that.' But then, I’m a human being, I change my mind," she added. "I might change my mind when there's a theatre full of people watching it, with my parents."

Elsewhere in the movie January's murderous character can be seen in a dramatic shootout which takes place in a sheep pen. When producers ran out of actual sheep, however, a herd of goats had to be drafted in. According to the mum-of-one the scene was more uncomfortable than going topless: "That was a lot worse," she said. "By far."

American TV audiences will be thrilled when Mad Men returns for its sixth series, labelled as "darker" by director Matthew Weiner. The slick and glamorous show set in fictional advertising agency Sterling Cooper Draper Price hits screens this spring.

Speaking to the Times, Matthew said: "It will advance in time, as it does, I can't say how much or how little. We're coming off a period in Don's life where he's trying to normalize, and trying to have this relationship -- a real relationship with this woman that he fell in love with.

"She expressed her desires, and that was a surprise for him. On this show, it's a very rich, full orchestra, and we like to follow what is the next stage in these people's lives."