Justin Bieber investigated for battery after alleged confrontation with neighbour

Justin Bieber seems to be making headlines for all the wrong reasons recently. The teen pop star is currently being investigated by police after allegedly getting into an angry altercation with his neighbour in Calabasas, California, just hours after he jetted in from Poland.

Sheriffs were called to Justin's home on Tuesday morning after a neighbour claimed he had been threatened and struck by the Canadian star, said LA County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore. He confirmed that a police report alluding battery and threats by Justin had been filed and was being investigated. So far, no charges have been filed.


Sources connected with the tattooed singer, 19, told TMZ the Calabasas dispute started when the neighbour came over to complain about loud parties at the house while Justin was away touring in Europe. Words were exchanged, but no physical altercation took place and Justin's security escorted the man off the property.

However, another source told the website that the argument was over Justin's Ferrari which he was reportedly racing up and down the streets. Sources who live in the pop star's neighbourhood say the neighbour felt Justin was endangering the community by driving at such high speeds.

The alleged incident took place after the Boyfriend singer's overnight flight from Poland, where he shocked photographers and Lodz airport officials by taking off his shirt, despite the freezing conditions, as he walked through airport security to his private jet.

It's one of a number of bizarre incidents involving Justin in recent weeks. Earlier this month he was caught on film losing his cool and threatening a photographer in London, where he also turned up late for his concert and was pictured wearing a gas mask on a night out.