Michelle Keegan shocks Mark Wright with surprise call on his radio show

Michelle Keegan surprised Heart FM listeners on Thursday when she called her boyfriend Mark Wright live on air during his Club Classics show.

"Hello who's speaking?" said former TOWIE star Mark, unaware of who he was speaking to.

"Michelle" replied the Stockport-born actress in her Manchester accent.

"What, my Michelle?" responded Mark, "What are you doing calling in?"

"Just thought I'd call and request a song now that I've finished work."

A surprised Mark laughed as he said "how random, you've shocked me. Alright what song do you want to play?"

The gorgeous brunette requested Enrique Iglesias' 2001 hit, Hero, prompting Mark to hint at an unexpected compliment.

"Is it one of your favourites," questioned Mark. "Or is it because I'm your hero?"

"That is absolutely cringe embarrassing," laughed Michelle, 25, before Mark played the romantic track.