Madonna first met Kim Kardashian when she was a little girl - and gave her an armful of jewellery

Madonna and Kim Kardashian might have bonded at the Met Gala earlier this month, but as it turns out, their relationship dates back much further. The two women first met in the 1980s, when Madonna gifted Kim some pieces of her iconic jewellery.

"I met her years and years ago when she was a little girl, believe it or not," Madonna told Extra's Jerry Penacoli. "She told me she was a huge fan of mine, and it was during the time I was wearing all of the rubber bracelets on my arms.

"I took off all the bracelets and gave them to her, and then I completely forgot about it. She reminded me when I saw her the other night. Now she's a pregnant lady!"



It's thought that Kim would have been about five-years-old when the meeting took place. Now of course, the pregnant reality star, 32, is a household name.

She is due to welcome her first baby with rapper Kanye West next month. On Tuesday she was spotted with Kris Kardashian on the Pont l'Archeveche bridge, where mother and daughter took part in the lover's lock ritual.

Madonna, meanwhile, proved she is still at the top of her game at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday evening. The mum-of-four picked up three awards at the prestigious ceremony, including top touring artist — but said she still struggles to balance motherhood with her incredible career.

"I try to find the right balance between being there for them and guiding them, and also being an artist," she said. "I'm trying to find enough time in the day to do those jobs well. I try to be very clear with the. This is my person for work.

"What we aspire to do is to work and be good people," she continued. "If you don't have those two things, fame is nothing, so I try to drill that into their heads."