Coronation Street star Sally Dynevor looks forward to celebrating her 50th birthday

While most ladies dread their 50th birthday celebrations, Coronation Street actress Sally Dynevor cannot be more delighted to enjoy the landmark date.

Sally, who shares the same first name as her on-screen persona Sally Webster, told HELLO! Magazine that she believes age is just a number.

"I think every stage in your life is really lovely and there is no point in trying to be 18. You are what you are and people appreciate you for that stage in your life. Age is insignificant," said the star.

Posing for some landmark birthday snaps, the actress revealed that she has seen her life in a new light since her breast cancer diagnosis four years ago.

"Everything is adjusted slightly and you think, 'I am not going to be here for always, so I need to appreciate everything even more than I do. I might not have this forever,'" said the soap star.



Beating the disease after a bout of chemotherapy, Sally said that she is now an eternal optimist.

"I'd wake up and think, 'Oh what a lovely…' then stop myself and think, 'I've got to do chemo today.' Now I wake up and think,'Oh it's lovely today,' and that thought stays with me all day."

Celebrating a 26-year strong career and an 18-year marriage to screenwriter Tim, Sally is full of love for her family.

"I wear my heart on my sleeve, for sure. If I watch anything with children in, I end up crying, even if it's not a sad story,” says Sally, who has three children – Phoebe, 18, Sam, 16, and nine-year-old Hattie.

"I think they are so fed up of me telling them that I love them, it's ridiculous. I go, 'Hats, guess what?' and she says, 'What? You love me?' and I say, 'Yep that's it. I do.' I'm the same with Pheobe and Sam. I adore them."

To read the full interview with the Coronation Street belle, pick up HELLO!, issue 1279, from newsstands today.