Pippa Middleton's 30th birthday: What next for the girl about town?


As Pippa Middleton celebrates her 30th on 6 September, it's interesting to recall a comment by her former housemaster at St Andrews Prep School in Berkshire.

Housemaster Ken Allford described Pippa as "tough, not like (her sister) Catherine".

"She never seemed anything other than bright and bubbly. If she fell down, she picked herself up and just got on with it," he added. "She knew exactly who she was and was a delight. There were never arguments with the other girls, never a piece of lost (sports) kit or grumbling."



The Berkshire lass has coped with her sudden rise to fame in exactly the same way, never complaining that she's subjected to an unprecedented level of scrutiny just because of her in-laws. She usually has a smile for the press and is always camera-ready in an impeccable outfit.

Pippa even jokes that the shoulder-barging in her school netball matches is useful preparation for dealing with the paparazzi.

In this special HELLO! report we look at her five priorities now she's 30.