Harry Styles admits he cried while watching friend Zach Braff's new film

Zach Braff had some stellar support at the Sundance Film festival unveiling of his new film Wish I Was Here in the form of One Direction star Harry Styles.

Not only did Harry fly to Utah to attend the premiere, but he freely admitted that he shed a few tears while watching the movie, which Zach wrote, directed, and starred in.


Harry is apparently Zach's guest at the film festival, and after the unveiling, the friends went on to pop-up club The Grey Goose Blue Door with Zach's girlfriend Taylor Bagley to toast the new project.

The British pop star was spotted talking to Anne Hathaway at the afterparty.

Wish I Was Here stars Zach as Aiden Bloom, a LA-based actor struggling to get his career off the ground.

Kate Hudson plays his supportive wife, who works a boring data entry job so her husband can persue his dream. But the pair's lives are turned upside down when Aiden's father is diagnosed with cancer.