The best BAFTA speeches

Actor and communications expert Robin Kermode has given HELLO! Online his exclusive lowdown on the BAFTA speeches.

Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Fry and Emma Thompson were among the stars who took to the stage on the glamorous evening.

While giving a speech can be quite daunting for a lot of us, Robin, who founded communication coaching service Zone2, explains what we could learn from the stars.

“Award ceremonies give us a unique chance to watch famous and experienced people deal with the performance pressure of ‘the big occasion,” he tells HELLO!. “Many of us feel overwhelmed at having to give a speech, a pitch or a presentation and it can be so comforting to see that this particular anxiety is, in fact, not limited just to us!”

Click below for the full gallery of Robin’s favourite speeches and why he chose them.

“The best speeches are authentic,” he adds. “Where the speaker appears to be themselves, using their own voice and energy levels. We want to feel that we have seen the ‘real person’ and not their ‘public persona’. We don’t want them to have become someone else for the evening. We want them to have crafted their speech so that it started and ended well; and that they delivered it with energy, clarity and humanity.”