Joan Collins, 80, on taking life by the horns

Glamorous diva Joan Collins has slammed society's obsession with youth.

In an interview in this week's HELLO! magazine, the star, who turns 81 this week, and who recently launched her own range of skin care products and make-up called Joan Collins Timeless Beauty, said, "It's like it's the most precious commodity that exists and that's not just cosmetics, but also in fashion, theatre, television, film. It's youth, youth, youth!"

She believes that living in a society that is so ageist "makes some women feel like they are old hat," leading them to stop making the effort when it comes to their appearance.


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"But they shouldn't because there is no reason why you can't look great at all stages of your life, 40s, 50s, 70s and beyond," said Joan.

Revealing that she has no plans to slow down, the actress advised, "You have to eat life or life will eat you. I think you only realise how short life is when you get past 50. Then you think, 'How much time do I have left?' I'm going to take advantage of life and do everything I want to do.

"I don't want to climb Everest, I have no ambitions to hurl myself down Niagara Falls. I just want to continue doing the things that make me happy and for me, that's being with my family and friends, enjoying my homes."

Read the full article in HELLO! out now.