Happy birthday, Boy George: See his star sign and your horoscope

Happy birthday, Boy George! As the British singer turns 53, HELLO! Online take a look at what the stars have in store for Boy George and you...

It often seems as if everyone is out to prove a point to everyone else. We are all constantly making comparisons: who am I doing better than? Who am I doing worse than? Who am I equal to? What is this strange need that human beings feel to measure themselves against one another? Simply by caring too much about our status or position, we become losers! There is no one in this whole wide world who is 'better than you'. Remember that and move on this week. That in itself will turn you into a magnet for positive change.

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A key member of the 1980s New Romantic movement, Boy George is an English singer-songwriter whose hits include The Crying Game.

Born in Kent in 1961, in the late 1970s he lived in various squats in central London before his androgynous look caught the attention of the Sex Pistol ex-manager Malcolm McLaren.

He soon joined up with friends to create a new band, and when they realised they had a cross-dressing Irish singer, a black-Brit, a Jewish drummer and an Anglo-Saxon Englishman, they settled on the name Culture Club, referring to their various ethnic backgrounds.

By 1982 the band had their first UK number one with Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? and by the mid-1980s they were an international success.

However success came at a cost and drug addiction began to ruin the band, leading to the end of Culture Club by the end of the 1980s.

George went on to find fame as a solo singer, but his addiction to prescription drugs given to him to help his addiction to heroin led to several run-ins with the law including stints in prison.

In 2014 he remains a gay icon and is often touring the world as a DJ.