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'I didn't know Ritchie and Natasha were even together': Abz Love talks to HELLO! Online about life in 5ive

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Abz Love first found fame with 90s boyband 5ive, with hit singles including Everybody Get Up and When The Lights Go Out. After backing out of the Big Reunion Tour later this year, the eccentric singer is going at it alone for now.

Ahead of Abzfest, a celebration for his 35th birthday, Abz spoke to HELLO! Online about being reborn, trading fame for farming, and his fifth (molecular) birthday party.

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Abz 5ive

Abz revealed he would like to give up the popstar life for farming

Are you getting really excited for Abzfest?Yeah, it’s going to be great. I’m really looking forward to it because I don’t usually do birthday parties or things like Christmas. I don’t really believe in it. But 35 is important – every 7 years your molecules are reborn so I’m a brand new man! I can’t wait to eat cupcakes and bounce on the bouncy castle.What made you want to do a big birthday party?More than anything it’s to say thank you to the fans. I’ve been back on the scene for a couple years since The Big Reunion and their support has been amazing. I thought it would be fun to put something on for the fans. Hopefully they will enjoy it! I’ve mixed up some of my own songs and some 5ive songs, I can’t wait to perform them all again. It’s a bit of an Abz extravaganza, but it’s just a one-off!You recently tweeted some pictures from the X Factor, what were you up to there? The man who used to be my gardener once revealed he was a singer, and I listened to him and thought he was amazing. So Vicky [Abz's girlfriend] and I told him if he needed anything, to let me know. We kept in touch and I told him he should audition for the X Factor, so I gave him some advice and then went along with him. Hopefully he’ll do well! We didn’t get to see the judges though, they were kept away. I couldn’t even get a coffee, it was for the crew – it was weird to be at a show and see it all from the other side.Would you ever be tempted to be an X Factor judge?I think I’d be quite good, it’s quite an easy job. I’ve done enough in my life that was stressful. I think I’d put everyone through, unless you were really bad. I think I would run around with a ‘reject’ stamp and cut down the queues at the auditions. I think they should hire me just to get the rejects out of the door and save them a lot of time!

5ive© Photo: Getty Images

Abz first found fame with boyband 5ive

How has it been reuniting with 5ive?It’s been interesting! From the start I was 100% involved and wanted to make new music, but when Jay left, nobody really resolved it so it stopped us from moving forward together as a whole band. From the very start for me that tainted it. I wanted Jay to be involved, he was a key role in the band. He was great at battle raps and joking around with. That’s why I want to do Abzfest as we still did amazing but I wanted to say thanks. I don’t know what’s going to happen with 5ive, we’ve got a few more shows and then we’ll see.Why did you pull out of the Big Reunion tour later this year?Sometimes we just differed on what we wanted to do going forward, so it was a bit weird at times. I’d like us to be a bit more rock and roll – I feel like something’s missing. I’m 35, so I don’t want to be told what to wear or how to act. I am still in the band and we have a few more commitments – I don’t know if I’d go solo, but I’d like to do a bit more of my own stuff, and not having to follow someone else’s rules. My thing is that when we don’t keep it lively I get a bit bored. We’re not very close either – I didn’t even know Ritchie and Natasha were together or expecting a baby, I found all of that out in the paper!Have you got any exciting plans in the next few months?I’m speaking to some networks about doing a reality show called The Good Life which I’ve done a bit of filming for. That’s my main focus right now. I’m also writing music, but that’s more of a hobby – I don’t need the fame, glitz and glam or attention. It’s more for fun. At the moment I just love being here!How do you stay in shape? I try to stay in shape, but it doesn’t always work. I have a shape I like where I’m feeling toned, but recently I’ve been a bit rubbish. I’m not a fan of the gym, but I try and keep healthy and I juice. I want to get back out into the country. I’m more about being a farmer than a popstar these days. I’d like to plant trees and walk around in a loincloth [laughs]! I have some land, so I’d like to get back into farming. I’d like to get a peacock and an alpaca, although I’ve heard they spit so I’m a bit concerned. I’ve also thought about getting a hawk and taking up hawking. I’ve also got a lake and a stream with freshwater from the mountain, so there might be Abz Water soon!

Abzfest will take place on 1 July at Popworld Birmingham

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