Celebrity brithdays: Evan Rachel Wood turns 27

Happy birthday Evan Rachel Wood! As the American actress turns 27, HELLO! Online takes a look at what the stars have in store for Evan and you...

This is what Evan, who is a Virgo, can be expecting today:

In the Harry Potter books, J K Rowling draws attention to the power of the Dark Lord's name. Her characters only say, 'He' or 'Him.' It is only a story but it makes an important point about psychology. If we give a name to a fear, we legitimise it. We give it more power over us. Of course, that's not always true. Sometimes, we can dramatically reduce a worry just by becoming clearer about what it really is. But in your emotional life now, you are giving too much respect to something that is best taken lightly.

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Evan Rachel Wood began acting at her local theatre company where her dad worked


Evan Rachel Wood is an American actress, fashion model and singer. Evan began acting at her local regional theatre company called Theatre in the Park in North Carolina, which her dad was an executive director. Evan and her brothers were actively involved within the company from the mere age of a few months old.

Evan made her début as a leading film actress at the age of nine in Digging to China and became well known after her transition to a more adult-oriented Golden Globe-nominated role in the teen drama film Thirteen (2003). She also appeared in several television series during the 1990s including American Gothic (1995–1996) and Once and Again (1999–2002). She was subsequently home-schooled and received her high school diploma at age 15.

The 27-year-old began dating British actor Jamie Bell in 2005 after they co-starred in the music video for Green Day's song Wake Me Up When September Ends together. The couple got matching tattoos of each other's initials. She opted for a "J" on her left ankle. After a year together, the relationship ended in 2006.

Evan said of the split, "We had matching tattoos because we knew our love would last forever. Trouble is, it didn't, things happened, we split. But I don't regret the tattoo. It reminds me of a great, great period in my life." During their split, Evan played a leading role as Sophie-Anne Leclerq in American TV show True Blood.

The couple rekindled their love in 2011 before confirming the following year that they had tied the knot and were now husband and wife. Evan later announced that she was "thrilled" to be becoming a mother and wanted to thank everyone for the "warm wishes". In the summer of 2012, Evan, who was inspired to have a natural home birth by talk show host Ricki Lake, gave birth to a baby boy.

The couple then split for the second time in 2014, after two years of marriage.