Martina Navratilova gets engaged to girlfriend Julia Lemigova at the US Open
Martina Navratilova delighted the crowd – and her girlfriend – by proposing on the big screen at the US Open.

The tennis legend got down on bended knee, presenting 42-year-old Julia Lemigova with a sparkler in the Tennis Channel suite "I was very nervous," said the 57-year-old champion.


Martina Navratilova popped the question at the Arthur Ashe stadium in New York

She added: "It came off. She said yes. It was kind of an out-of-body experience. You've seen people propose at sporting events before, in movies, in real life. Here it was happening to me. It was like I was watching myself do it."

The romantic move got a huge cheer from the crowd but it nearly made Martina late for another pressing engagement – her doubles match.


The couple have been together for six years

Martina had been waiting for the end of Novak Djokovic's semi-final against to pop the question. When she thought Novak's match might go to five sets she tried to postone her own match. Luckily it finished sooner than she thought.

After all the excitement the sportswoman then rushed off to her game, which she won with Jana Novotna.