Celebrity birthdays: Queen Letizia of Spain turns 42

Happy birthday Queen Letizia! As the queen of Spain turns 42, HELLO! Online takes a look at what the stars have in store for Letizia and you...

This is what Queen Letizia, who is a Virgo, can be expecting today:

Work, this week, on the assumption that the future is your friend, not your enemy. It may be asking you to make a few changes in the way you see yourself and your situation but only for the best possible reason. The 'future you' is sending back a message in time to the current you. It wants you to know that you need not worry about a sensitive matter! Your outlook is better than you imagine... and you've already got, in your armoury of experience, all the tools you need to bring about the improvements you want.

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Queen Letizia


When Letizia Ortiz was born to a journalist father and a nurse mother on 15 September 1972, no one would have guessed that the Asturian girl was to marry Spain's then prince and eventually become queen.

Being one of Spain's leading journalists and newscasters, the pretty brunette knew only too well that she herself would become the main story as soon as her secret relationship with King Felipe became public.

Prior to falling for the statuesque prince, she proved herself professionally by reporting from some of the world's most hostile environments. During the invasion of Iraq, she flew out to the country and broadcasted live from the frontlines. She has also tackled complex and delicate stories such as the US presidential elections and the September 11 attacks.

But it was in November 2002 when she was sent to northern Spain to cover the sinking of an oil tanker that she fell for the prince of Asturias. The succesful journalist managed to keep their relationship under the radar for many months.

When the moment finally arrived to announce their engagement in 2003, it became clear that the people of Spain were delighted with their future queen. Because she was a commoner, it even caused more celebrations with news headlines naming her "a queen for the 21st century".

Although their love was celebrated by many, Felipe's choice of bride was frowned upon by some conservatives, who felt uncomfortable with the fact that she was a divorcée.

Thankfully, most royalists were more inclined to take comfort in the fact that, for the first time since 1879, their country would have a Spanish queen.

And the line of succession was likewise guaranteed when, in the early hours of 31 October 2005, the then prince and princess welcomed their first child, Leonor. The couple's second child, Sofia, was born on 29 April 2007.

On 19 June 2014 she watched proudly as her husband was proclaimed King Felipe VI, replacing his father who had abdicated.