Celebrity birthdays: Victoria Pendleton turns 34


Happy birthday Victoria Pendleton! As the British Olympian turns 34, HELLO! Online takes a look at what the stars have in store for Victoria and you...

This is what Victoria, who is a Libra, can be expecting today:

Who wants to dream wistfully of a fast-vanishing past? It may have been well worth remembering but isn't it more attractive to climb aboard a magic carpet made of intricately woven, silvery strands of hope. Why not just sit back and enjoy sailing through the sky towards a sparkling fairy castle made of golden tomorrows. Because you're not sure now, whether to trust a future that could just be a little too good to be true... or retreat to a seemingly safe yesterday's world. But wasn't that just a little too true to be good?

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Victoria Pendleton in 2014

Victoria Pendleton was born in 1980 to two cycling fans, so it was no wonder she would go on to become a cycle star herself.

The 2012 London Olympics gold medal winner first began her career after university, when in 2001 she tooke part in the British National Track Championships. She won bronze and three silver medals, and later qualified for the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

By 2004 she had finished sixth in the time trials at the Sydney Olympics, and then in 2005 won her first major title at the 2005 UCI Track Cycling World Championships - becoming only the third British woman to win it in 40 years.


By 2008, Victoria was one of Britain's cycling stars, winning gold at the Beijing Olympics for Team GB.

The highlight of Victoria's career was in 2012 when she entered the London Olympics as one of the country's favourite to win medals. In the end she won gold in the keirin but was controversially relegated from the sprint, leaving her with a silver medal.

The London Olympics were Victoria's last races professionally, and she has since gone on to help the BBC with sports commentary.

The 34-year-old has also taken part in the hugely successful BBC show Strictly Come Dancing, and made a guest appearance on ITV soap Emmerdale.

In 2013 Victoria married Scott Gardner.