Gregg Wallace announces he's engaged for the fourth time

Gregg Wallace is set to get married for the fourth time.

The MasterChef judge, 49, revealed to the Daily Mirror that he is busy planning his wedding to 28-year-old caterer Anne-Marie Sterpini.

"Next year is all about the wedding," Gregg told the newspaper. "I've got the venue, I've got the pianist, I've got the girl but I have not got the ring."

Gregg and Anne-Marie in May 2014

Gregg, who became the first celebrity to leave series 12 of Strictly Come Dancing on Sunday, first met Anne-Marie on Twitter in March 2013.

The London-born TV presenter was first married to Christine in 1991, although the couple split after six weeks.

Gregg was the first celebrity to leave Strictly Come Dancing's latest series

In 1999 he tied the knot with former pastry chef Denise and the pair were married for five years before divorcing in 2004. Gregg and Denise have two children together, Tom and Libby, of whom Gregg reportedly has full custody.

Gregg met his third wife, former biology teacher Heidi Brown, on Twitter in 2010. The duo were together for 18 months.