Celebrity birthdays: Jenny McCarthy turns 42

Happy Birthday, Jenny McCarthy! As the former model turned TV presenter celebrates turning 42, HELLO! Online takes a look at what the stars have in store for Jenny and for you...

This is what Jenny, who is a Scorpio, can be expecting today:

Are you still thinking what you were thinking a few days ago? Have you tried in the interim to shake-off those ideas and replace them with more sensible, down-to-earth, thoughts? Or, despite your best efforts to forget tantalising glimpses of far-fetched possibilities, are you still attracted to the idea of exploring unknown territory? The most obvious route to success is not always the most appropriate one, as you will discover, if you are brave, this weekend. Allow yourself to be as inventive and innovative as you dare.

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Jenny McCarthy shot to fame in the early 1990s as the star of Playboy magazine but by 1995 MTV had picked her to host a new TV dating show, Singled Out.

This began her TV career, and by 1997 Jenny had launched two new shows, a comedy sketch show called The Jenny McCarthy show and an NBC comedy drama, titled Jenny.

She was soon feature presenting in the UK as well as on Channel 4 breakfast show, The Big Breakfast, and in 2000 Jenny starred in her first major film, Scream 3, before three year later starring in the Scream parody, Scary Movie 3. 

Throughtout the years Jenny co-starred in numerous TV shows including Charmed and Two and a Half men, and in 2013 Jenny was confirmed as a new host on American daytime chat show, The View.

In 1999 Jenny married John Mallory Asher, and the pair had a little boy, Evan, born in 2005. That same year however Jenny and John divorced, and Jenny quietly began dating comedy actor Jim Carrey.

The pair went public with their relationship in 2006 but in 2010 announced they had split. In 2013 Jenny met Donnie Wahlberg, and in April 2014, Jenny announced live on The View that the pair were engaged, with Jenny shouting: "I just got engaged!" before revealing her hidden hand which had been kept behind the desk.

The pair married in August 2014.

Jenny is a known advocate against vaccinating children, often arguing that vaccines are linked to autism in children.