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Billie Piper making peace with her mother: 'I will try to redeem myself'

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Billie Piper has admitted that after becoming a mum herself, she is making peace with her own parents, from who she was estranged as a teenager. Billie left home at the age of 15 when she became famous and her debut single Because We Want To rocketed to the top of the charts and the singer went off on tour.

The actress didn't even tell her mum and dad, Mandy and Paul, that she was marrying DJ Chris Evans, who she had dated for a few months, at the age of 18. Billie and Chris divorced six years later.

With her life back on track, Billie has since married Laurence Fox and welcomed two children with the actor.

billie piper1 © Photo: Getty Images

"I kind of forced them out of my life," Billie Piper admitted of her parents

She has also patched up her relationship with her mother, who now helps Billie out with her kids at her North London home.

"I've always been a bit fractious with my parents," said Billie, speaking to The Times. "But I think that's because I left home in my formative years and I didn't really know how to be around them.

"I was making really big personal choices at a very young age, and I kind of forced them out of my life, because they were the only ones telling me to calm down and watch what I was doing and who I was with, all that stuff that just seemed really boring."

billie piper2 © Photo: Getty Images

Billie Piper married for a second time in 2007, and has two children with her actor husband Laurence Fox

"Since I had the reins at an age that was way too young to be independent I didn't really respect them enough," she added.

Billie, 32, gave birth to her first son Winston in October 2008, followed by a second baby boy Eugene in 2012.

billie piper3 © Photo: Getty Images

"I will try hard to redeem myself to my mother, for my mother," said Billie Piper

"I think when you have your own children you see your mother in a whole new light", she said. "It's a wonderful thing to experience later in life, that feeling of how much respect and appreciation you have for your mum and how selfless they were.

"I will try hard to redeem myself to my mother, for my mother."

The Doctor Who actress, who currently stars in horror series Penny Dreadful, also admitted that her family members have "big personalities".

"We'll scrap for a bit and then not speak for a while but it's all repairable," she said.

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