Ellie, Karlie, Lena: The cast list for Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video gets more amazing every day


Over the last six days, Taylor Swift has been teasing her fans as she slowly unveils the cast for her new music video, Bad Blood. Featuring a long, long list of Hollywood's biggest and brightest young stars, fans are now wondering who won't star in the video.

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Taylor Swift as Catastrophe

The reveal began six days ago when, through Instagram, Taylor Swift introduced her fans to Catastrophe, Taylor's alter-ego who is the star of her new music video for Bad Blood.

She then started to slowly reveal pictures of the others - including Ellie Goulding as Destructa X, Hailee Steinfeld as The Trinity, and Karlie Kloss as Knockout.

However the cast list has now grown and includes - Victoria's Secret model Lily Aldridge as Frostbite, Paramore singer Hayley Williams as the Crimson Curse, models Gigi Hadid as Slay-Z, Martha Hunt as Homeslice, and Karlie as Knockout, British singer Ellie as Destructa X, actresses Lena Dunham as Lucky Fiora, Hailee as The Trinity, Serayah as Dilemma, Jessica Alba as Domino, and Zendaya as Cut-Throat.

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Karlie Kloss as Knockout

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Ellie Goudling as Destructa X

Kendrick Lamar is the only male in the video, starring as Welvin da Great

Taylor also confirmed on Twitter that each cast member chose their own character name, writing: "Fun fact about #BadBloodMusicVideo: Each individual actor/actress chose their character's name and persona. 😺CATastrophe😺*"

A short 56-second teaser video was also released but offered no clues to fans who have so far deduced that due to the style of the images, the video is a Sin City-style take on friendships - the song is famously about the rift between Taylor and fellow pop star Katy Perry.

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Gigi Hadid as Slay-Z

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Lena Dunham as Lucky Fiora

Word came back in April that the music video may feature several of Taylor's high profile friends when Taylor, Zendaya, Cara Delevingne, and Hayley were snapped wearing large white robes outside trailers

Rumours are still swirling about who else may star in the music video, with Cara and Selena Gomez both still missing from the Instagram reveal.

Fans have also been circulating over Twitter a rumoured cast list, which throws up some surprising names - including Ellen Pompeo and Mariska Hargitay.

The actresses are known to Taylor's fans as Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy and Olivia Benson in Law & Order: SVU, two strong female characters whom Taylor named her cats after.

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