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Eva Longoria tells HELLO!: returning to TV was a 'big deal'

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Eva Longoria became a household name after her starring role in the long-running TV show Desperate Housewives, and now the actress will finally be making a comeback with Hot & Bothered, a brand new show which will premiere on NBC later this year.“We just started," said Eva, who is also the executive producer for the show. "It's a blast. The scripts are hilarious. I just can't wait for America to see it. For me to go back to television was a big deal and I knew it was going to be with something special so I wanted to do it with that."

Eva Longoria © Photo: Getty Images

Eva Longoria's new TV show will premiere later this year

The star was speaking to HELLO! as she joined her friend Holly Robinson Peete for the HollyRod Foundation's 2015 DesignCare Gala – and she talked about her dedication to the organisation, which aims to help provide compassionate care to those living with autism and Parkinson's disease.Eva's sister Liza has special needs, so autism and helping individuals with disabilities is an issue that is near and dear to her heart. "Holly and I have been friends for many, many years and we're always brainstorming how we can really conquer this big issue and how we can, not only figure out medically some solutions, but to give support to families that need help today," she said.

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Eva and friend Holly Robinson Peete at the HollyRod Foundation's 2015 DesignCare Gala

She has also done extensive charity work through her own organisation, The Eva Longoria Foundation, so she's no stranger to working hard for good causes. "It's important that everybody is aware, and is also donating, whether it's their time, their funds, their energy, their voice. There's so much work that goes into everything that goes behind the HollyRod Foundation so people need to understand she can't do it alone."As if acting, producing and philanthropy weren't challenging enough, Eva, who invited HELLO! to her 40th birthday party in March, has another passion on her plate: she's the owner of Hollywood restaurant Beso. But which of her jobs, TV or the restaurant biz, is most difficult to manage? "Oh, definitely restaurant!" she exclaimed. "I'm really lucky Beso is still around and we're still doing great, but it definitely had to be a passion project."Also attending the HollyRod gala was Jussie Smollett, star of Empire – and Eva says she's a "huge fan" of the show. But as she returns to TV, can we expect her in a cameo, à la Mariah Carey, who will be making an appearance on the hip hop drama? Well, unfortunately for fans, the answer is no. "I don't fit into that world!" she laughed. "The music world is not for me."

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