Laura Trott opens up her home exclusively to HELLO! ahead of Rio 2016

As Olympic golden girl and bride-to-be Laura Trott gears up for Rio 2016, she opens up her home to HELLO! and reveals how she relishes down time with her fiancé, fellow Team GB cyclist Jason Kenny.

"A huge part of when me and Jason got together was he just gets it," the double Olympic champion and four-time world champion tells HELLO!. "He knows the ups and downs, what it's like when a race goes badly, and he understands that I can't get drunk on a Saturday night.

"He does so much around the house, little things that you take for granted like cooking dinner without me even saying anything. And he is always there if I need him."


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"He knows the ups and downs, what it's like when a race goes badly," said Laura of her fiancé Team GB cyclist Jason Kenny

"We've had our living room madeover by DFS to help me relax as I prepare for Rio, and having that space away from the bike is important," says the 24-year-old star, who is an ambassador for DFS, the official homeware partner for Team GB. "Good rest can be where the gains are made."

Laura is tipped to repeat her winning performance at this year's summer Olympics, but she admits that she's not always that confident.

"I can get really nervous before a race," says Laura. "People will think this is mad, but sometimes I have got to the start line and thought 'What if I can't do this?' But the minute I sit on the bike I am like a different person.

"It's odd, but when I'm in the team pursuit with the girls, I am not nervous. I know I've got a job to do. But when I am on my own, that's when I go into overdrive.

"People say 'Don't get too wrapped up in it' but it's my life. I have put in a lot of years for this."

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Laura relaxing in her limited edition DFS Britannia accent chair

The cyclist admits she's taking her nutrition more seriously this year. She used to claim that spaghetti hoops on toast was her favourite meal.

"Yeah, it still is, but I don't really have it anymore," she laughs. "If there is one year where I need to make sacrifices, this is it. In 2012 I could get away with it, but now I'm more cautious."

She can't resist temptation completely however, much to Jason's disappointment. "He gets annoyed with me sometimes because I buy chocolate mousse that you tip chocolate buttons or whatever in. He's like, 'Stop buying them because I want to eat them.' I am a bad influence."

To help our athletes unwind DFS, the official homeware partner for Team GB, has created a limited edition Britannia sofa range especially for British House – the Team GB headquarters at the Rio 2016 Olympics. The range is also available to buy now, in store and online.

Read the full interview with Laura in HELLO! magazine, out this week.

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