Stars who have made funny appearances in TV adverts

With Christmas around the corner, all the leading brands will soon be following in John Lewis's footsteps with their festive adverts.

Looking back over the years, we reminisce over some of the most surprising celebrity appearances in our favourite ads, from Victoria Beckham eating Walkers Sensations to a young Leonardo DiCaprio begging his mum for fat-free Kraft Cheese.  

Peter Andre may be a successful star, but it doesn't stop him from finding a bargain in Iceland. The TV presenter was the face of the frozen food chain in 2014, with the catchphrase "that's why Peter goes to Iceland", replacing the original "that's why mums go to Iceland".

Victoria Beckham made a cameo appearance in a Walkers crisps advert, promoting the brands 'posh' Sensations range. Victoria proved she can poke fun at herself, playing the role of a demanding queen, clicking her fingers and proclaiming "I am starving", before being given a family size bag of crisps as she makes her way to her throne.

Another posh and absolutely fabulous appearance was made by Joanna Lumley, who proved that you don't have to be posh to be privileged in an advert for the car insurance brand, Privilege.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is unrecognisable as the cute pint-sized star of a Burger King advert back in 1981, where she tells grown ups that Burger King is better than McDonalds.

A young Brad Pitt's early career saw him on the look out for 'fever reliever' Pringles on a trip to the beach.

Jamie Oliver fronted the Sainburys adverts for many years. A fresh-faced Jamie is seen walking across a field promoting the brands Taste range, seen saying "it's not about spending a lot of money, it's not even about chefs, it's about great ingredients".


Leonardo DiCaprio may be an A-list superstar now, but back when he was still just a teen, his work involved staring in a Kraft Cheese advert for a fat-free version of the cheese.

Gordon Ramsay's kitchen was mistaken for a sauna by one unfortunate man, who didn't got to Specsavers and ended up with quite the audience as a result.

Indian breath freshener brand, Pan Bahar, welcomed Pierce Brosnan to front their latest advert, which sees the 007 star sporting a very different look complete with a moustache and suit, saying to the camera: "Class never goes out of style."

Many years before marrying Crown Prince Frederik and becoming the heir to the Danish throne, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark worked in advertising, staring in an advert for public transport service V/Line, where she played the role of a commuter on the train (far left).