Wedding bells in the air? Kylie Minogue is hoping 2017 will be the year "things get settled"

Kylie Minogue has spoken about her wishes for 2017 -  and there could well be a wedding on the horizon. Talking to TV presenter Emma Willis at a press conference at Claridges on Monday, Kylie talked about her desire to settle down, saying : "It has been a crazy year, so I hope in general that in 2017 things get settled and start to make sense. I am speaking so generally this probably means nothing to anyone, or maybe it does if you analyse it in the world".

Could a wedding be on the cards for the happy couple in 2017?

Kylie got engaged to her fiancé, Joshua Sasse, 29, back in February, announcing the happy news in the marriage section of The Telegraph. The couple had previously said that they wouldn't be tying the knot in Australia until equal marriage is made legal, something that will be decided by the government in February 2017. Will a marriage swiftly follow if the law is passed?

Kylie was in London to promote her new exclusive Kylie Minogue Eyewear range at Specsavers, which will launch on Valentines Day next year. The 30 - piece collection of glasses and sunglasses is inspired by the stars own style, with modern classics, reinvented vintage and subtle bling designs thrown into the mix, designed to suit people at all stages of their life.

"Young people, more mature people, it's (wearing glasses) a part of so many people's lives and a part of your presentation. You want to be able to feel confident wearing them. It is important for me that glasses can suit other faces and shapes and not just mine", she said.

Kylie and Emma both wore their stylish new glasses from the Kylie Minogue Eyewear range

The 48-year-old star excitedly told host Emma Willis, "I can't believe we are both standing here looking at each other in my range. And you look so cute in them".

It has certainly been a busy year for the star. On Thursday evening, she was spinning around with love for her fiancé, who lovingly swept her off her feet at a intimate celebrity Christmas party at The Ivy 100 Century Year celebrations. The happy couple were joined by the likes of Elizabeth Hurley, Alan Carr and Ronnie Wood.

On Saturday night, she delighted fans at The Royal Albert Hall with a two hour Christmas With Kylie show, complete with festive costumes, more than 100 musicians and her famous friend, opera singer Katherine Jenkins. The former Neighbour's star was so overwhelmed by her audiences reaction, that she was forced to find a towel on stage to wipe back the tears, telling the crowd that they are the very reason she performs.

The star wowed her fans during Christmas With Kylie at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday

Along with a future wedding, Kylie is hoping to make a new album and even a potential tour. "I would love to make a new pop album and perhaps think about touring, much of the same but brand new sparkling stuff. And another Kylie Christmas" - causing the audience to start cheering in agreement.