James Bond actor Burt Caesar’s young son tragically died after balcony fall

The son of James Bond actor, Burt Caesar tragically died after falling from a balcony, aged just 13. Raheem Caesar fell from his flat in East London while his dad was making him dinner back in September last year. Tragically, Burt spoke out at the inquest at the Poplar Coroners’ Court on Wednesday saying that he thought his son was taking a photo, just before he fell to his untimely death. Burt, who has appeared in Skyfall and Tomorrow Never Dies, reportedly broke down in tears at the hearing, saying : “I remember saying: 'I'm doing some food for you now' and he said 'Yes that's fine'. The doors closed and I put the food in the microwave for 90 seconds. When the ping went on the microwave I checked and there was no reply.”

The son of James Bond actor, Burt Caesar tragically died aged just 13 after falling from a balcony

Burt revealed how Raheem’s younger sister had found her brother lying on the ground, saying: “He must have fallen in the space of 90 seconds”. Raheem, who lived with his mum and sister, had been earlier showing his dad his homework. Burt spoke of their close bond: “The main activity of the day was homework. He showed me his maths homework, which was absolutely wonderful. The next homework which had to be completed was an art project about Roy Lichtenstein. It was a very roughly written draft and he had misspelled Lichtenstein. I said, ‘You must do a draft’ and I took away the iPhone he used with his headphones.”

Burt paid a heartbreaking tribute to his son, saying: “It's five and a half months and I am still in awe of the impact this little boy had on the world in his short life.” A friend of Raheem told the Daily Mail: “I wish there was something I could say that would help Raheem's family and friends make sense of the death.”