Exclusive! Amy Williams and her husband Craig Ham introduce baby boy Oscar

Sophie Hamilton

Olympic champion Amy Williams and her husband Craig Ham have introduced their first baby, Oscar Nash, in an exclusive interview and photoshoot with HELLO! magazine. "It's overwhelming," Amy, who won gold for the skeleton bob at the 2010 winter games, told HELLO! during the shoot at the couple’s home near Bath. "You instantly know that you would do absolutely anything to protect your child. There are massive highs and lows within the space of one day."


Amy Williams with her husband Craig Ham and baby boy Oscar

Oscar arrived at the Royal United Hospital in Bath just before his due date after being induced when midwives were concerned he wasn't moving enough. And he is already following in Amy’s sporty footsteps. "He's got large hands and when he spreads them out it already looks like he could hold a rugby ball," she reveals. "On day two he could lift his head off my chest and I was like, 'Should he be able to do that already?'"

Amy will be covering the Winter Olympics in South Korea next year and is already thinking about other work. "I'm never going to turn down a job," she says. "If I was offered one next week and my mum was free to come with me, I would take it. I'm always looking for challenges. I want to do things that I’m passionate about and keep fit and active." But, for now, Amy is going head-first into new motherhood. "I didn't sleep the night Oscar came home, I was on a high from the hormones and adrenaline," she says. "And it took a few days to realise we can kiss and cuddle him as much as we like, that he’s our little boy."

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