Jesy Nelson reveals she was secretly in Harry Potter and About A Boy!

Gemma Strong

Little Mix star Jesy Nelson has revealed her secret past as a child actor. The 25-year-old surprised fans this week when she confirmed she had appeared in two major films – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and About A Boy. Jesy was being interviewed with her bandmates on Australian radio when she was asked about her acting experience. "Jesy, you were in Harry Potter!" the radio host said. "I was in Harry Potter," she excitedly replied. "I've been in a few others hun. About A Boy with Hugh Grant… And you can actually see me if you pause the tape."


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Jesy Nelson appeared in the 2002 film About A Boy

The DJ then asked Jesy if her name had appeared in the credits at the end of the movie. "No," she admitted. "I was in About A Boy you can see my little round head." Perrie Edwards then added: "Every time I watch it, I pause it!"

It comes just a few days after Jesy took to Instagram to fight back against trolls. The star had earlier shared a sweet throwback video of herself and boyfriend Chris Clark dancing together, but after receiving some negative messages on the post, Jesy issued a firm response. She wrote: "Anything negative that gets written on my wall will get a block. If you don't like it don't look at my Instagram otherwise yes you will be a block."

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The Little Mix star recently hit back against online trolls

Her fans were quick to show their support. One wrote, “Ignore the haters & the people who write negative things,” while another posted, “Ignore them, ignore the haters. I'm happy if you’re happy, I'm happy for u both.” A third fan spoke up in Jesy’s defence, saying: “She can block people all she wants. Some of you need a reminder that you're just a fan. Know your place and don't act like you are in control of her personal life. Who she dates is none of our business.”