Caprice breaks down in tears as she discusses brain tumour diagonsis

Caprice was overcome with emotion as she recalled the moment she found out she had a brain tumour during Friday's episode of Loose Women. In an exclusive interview with HELLO!, the 45-year-old recently revealed that she had undergone surgery to remove the growth - the size of a thumb - when she was competing in the recent reality winter sports show, The Jump. In her first TV appearance since her shocking diagnosis, the TV star shared her horror.

Caprice talked about her brain tumour diagnosis on Friday's Loose Women

"I had a very, very minor accident," she told the panel. "I started to get these headaches right after doing skeleton training. And then all of a sudden my vision started to go a little, I started to see ten of everything. And that morning we had a live show and the health and safety was really, it's so ironic, because everyone slashes The Jump, but for me, it sorted of saved my life."

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She added: "I went to the hospital, a nurse came in and said, 'Oh no, you're fine' and I thought ok let's go, I need to go we have a live show and she said 'No you have to see the neurosurgeon'. What are you talking about, I need to go? So the neurosurgeon came in and she sat down and she said, 'Well, you know, don't be alarmed, but you have a brain tumour.'"

"Obviously I started to break down and cry hysterically," she recalled

Elaborating further, Caprice admitted the first thing she thought about were her children. She explained: "Obviously I started to break down and cry hysterically… and I said, 'Am I going to die?' My children [instantly went through my head]. It's terrifying - and I’m relatively healthy and I've never done drugs, I've lived a pretty healthy life.

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"I couldn't believe what they were telling me. It's so weird how you act in a situation like this and sometimes it's not rational, and for me, I just wanted to be strong for my kids because they're so young, they're three, and I wanted to be strong for my partner." The surgeons managed to remove the tumour successfully, with the star adding: "I just remember being in bed praying to my dad in heaven, 'Please I just want to wake up and I want to be OK'. And it was the first time it really hit me. When something like this happens you’re just in so much shock."

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